Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Not Alone Series: Freebie

Feel free to catch us up on life, talk about something that's on your heart or have a stream of conscience post! No rules here! :)

I have never changed a tire. I am very proud of the fact that I have never changed a tire. I have owned this car for about five years and have had about five flats, nicks or whatever and I have gotten them changed without any problem or cost. 

I have no problem with letting men be chivalrous when it comes to car because I am blissful in my ignorance and am in no hurry to change that.

I felt the same way about household repairs and maintenance but I am starting to change my mind on that (not on cars though). Previously if there was a leak I would call the plumber no question. Actually I would call my uncle who was friends with a plumber or I was likely to be waiting a week before I may actually get a plumber.

This past week I have found myself trying my hand at a little diy home repair. I am actually proud of myself. It was nothing major just a small leak in the bathroom. I'm not running out to buy my own set of tools (still don't know the correct names for most of them).

All I had to do was tighten a thingie, I'm very good with the technical names. While I have no plans to be laying tiles or spreading grout it feels good to know what to do without having to call someone for a simple fix.

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