Saturday, 14 December 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday #53

--- 1 ---
It's Saturday and I'm now getting to this. It has been a busy week, leaving my wonderful, relaxing vacation, coming home, wanting to go back but happy to be here.

--- 2 ---
Today is the first day that I have cooked since I have been back, Wednesday was my first full day back. I don't eat out a lot, a couple times a month or if I go out with friends a little bit more. My sister doesn't cook (although she can do simple meals) so for the whole time I was gone she didn't so there was nothing in the house and I was not feeling a grocery run, since I was planning to eat out Mexican on Thursday anyway I just decided to let the other two days slide as well.

--- 3 ---
Last Sunday I got to visit the lovely Jen of jumpinginpuddlesisfun and Martha of shinyhappycatholics. It was so great, I never really thought I would ever meet up with other bloggers in real life but when Jen heard that I would be in Florida and really close to her she said that we just had to meet up

--- 4 ---
I had my first ever Thanksgiving dinner last Sunday, cooked by the lovely Martha. Awesome cook, and very sweet, very welcoming.

--- 5 ---
While I was in Florida during the few days that I felt really cold (I'm from the Caribbean, don't judge), I promised myself that I would never complain that it was too hot ever again. Home for less than a week and I'm really glad I only promised myself

--- 6 ---
Monday is the start of the O Antiphons and the Christmas Novena

--- 7 ---
A song to end the week.

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