Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Not Alone Series: Bucket List

What are those things that you want to do before you get married (or enter the religious life)? Is there anything that you're excited to do, accomplish, etc. before engagement, marriage, and babies come along? Even if you feel that you've done everything you wanted to do pre-marriage, dig deeper and see if there isn't anything else you'd like to do!

I remember the first time I travelled alone, I was so scared. Travelling alone was completely accidental, my sister and I had been planning this trip and then she had to pull out at close to the last minute. She wanted to cancel the whole thing but I had my heart set on it and I played brave and said I would go alone. Every fear of a single, young female travelling alone flashed through my mind for weeks on end but I was determined to do it. Best decision ever. I was cold-sweating on departure day and I made everyone stay at the airport with me until the very last second but I went and had the time of my life. I loved the feeling of being independent and getting to do a lot on my list that my sister didn't want to do. I faced a fear and lived to tell the tale.

A lot of my bucket list has to do with travel and facing my fears. Getting out of my comfort zone.

Finally take that trip with my sister, I have fallen in love with solo travel so my sister and I have yet to take that trip just us.

Live and possibly work abroad for six months to a year. That independent feeling of living all alone for longer than a one or two week vacations. Not hiding behind the familiar but putting myself out there, getting out of my comfort zone.

Learn to ice-skate properly. I live in the Caribbean, snow is non-existent but I have ice-skated before (indoor rink on a cruise ship), however the 2 year old whizzing by with her dad was ten times better than I was. My balance is zero and I was terrified of falling but I had a great time so I need to find a way to learn.

Experience snow. I know many of you are probably sick of snow right now but I have never seen snow up close and personal. I am not a fan of cold so I go to warm places like Florida for my vacation during the winter. I want to build a snow man and make snow angels, get in a snowball fight.

Take a spontaneous trip. I plan my trips down to the very last detail. I may be over my fear of solo travel but I still need everything just right.

Go to Europe. France and Rome are musts for this trip but there are other countries I want to visit as well.

Learn to play the piano. I took music lessons for a while as a child and I can probably still play "Mary had a little lamb" but a more grown up piece might be better. I can practice with my kids when they take lessons.

Learn to swim. Yes I live on an island (two if you want to get technical) and I cannot swim. I practically lived at the beach as a child and spent a lot of time in the water but I had/have a little fear of letting go, or at least being let go of.

These are just a few of the things I want to get done before I take on a new role in life.

What are some things in your bucket list? Check out what everyone else has visit Morgan for the link-up.

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