Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Not Alone Series: Bachelorette Parties

It's inevitable that we will plan our friends bachelorette parties at some point or another, but how do we make them fun without all the raunch? Give us your ideas for fun things to do with a bridal party without all the crazy.

I am not much of a party planner but my idea of celebrating getting married does not included p-straws or kissing random guys or having them give me inappropriate things.

I believe the bachelorette party should suit the bride that's why I was not too upset that a friend choose running a race or three to be her either of a great weekend. Seriously this girl ran a 5, a 10 and 15 k over the weekend in addition to some low key partying in the hotel room. She had fun which is the important thing. Disclaimer I did not run others did.

I had one friend who is very low key by nature. The maid of honour chose to just have us close friends get together for a night of food and memories. We told stories of how we each knew the bride, how we met and became friends, it was a very teary but special night.

One of my friends who got married a little over a year ago met her husband the day she left a Religious Life discernment house. We simply had a night of prayer and games. She felt comfortable and was happy, I think the crown helped too. Board games with my friends can get very wild.

I am childish at heart I wouldn't mind a day of bowling, ice-skating, arcade games and karaoke, maybe carnival rides. I also wouldn't mind a spa get away with a night in a plush hotel just me and my girls.

How would you plan a non-raunchy bachelorette party? Check everyone else's ideas visit Morgan for the link-up.

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