Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Not Alone Series: Valentine's Day

What are you thought's about Valentine's day? Do you enjoy? Loathe it? Not even realize it's a special day? Do you celebrate it in any way?

I love Valentine's Day!!!!

Growing up the day has always been preceded, included or proceeded by birthday parties because I have friends who were kind enough to be born on and around February 14th. I went to an all girls Catholic primary school, we were not forced to make Valentine's for each other and no one fretted about whether anyone liked them or not. We had great art projects but nothing more. Growing up Valentine's Day had other significance to me and was a happy day of treats.

I went to a co-ed secondary school but I didn't date in school so once again the day was about getting together with friends and celebrating their day. In fact I have never dated anyone around Valentine's so the day has always been about getting together with friends (not as easy as adults) and enjoying each other's company.

As I told some single friends last week, just because we don't have an earthly love we shouldn't forget our heavenly love who is madly in love with us and would be very happy to spend time with us. I went to Mass in the morning and Adoration after work.

I got treated to cake and some other goodies that a few people brought to the office and I had Godiva chocolates waiting for me at home.

You can call Valentine's Day whatever you want, a made-up holiday, a greeting card marketing ploy,etc but it's a day meant to celebrate love. Love isn't some singular thing between a man and a woman, it's bigger than that. It's between family who drive you crazy, friends who send you silly texts, and it's between our Saviour and us.I don't have a boyfriend, a fiancé or a husband but I have love so I celebrate it.

What are your thoughts on Valentine's Day. See what everyone else has to say, visit Jen for the link-up.

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